About Us


Iris Mega was founded in 1993 as a computer equipment store in Belgrade. Today, Iris Mega is a successful company with an annual turnover of over 30 million USD, which employs over 70 qualified, young and creative people.


Our company distributes products in Serbia, Montenegro, Northern Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Albania. Distribution is organized through a wide network of business partners that includes over 400 dealers, sub-distributors, hypermarkets and retail chains.

Our business processes enable fast ordering, reliable product information, service and customer support. The relationship with partners is based on close cooperation and mutual profit.


Our vision was to be the first on our market to present the products of the latest technologies from world-renowned manufacturers, and thus contribute to the improvement of society and the spread of computer culture.


Our well-designed and planned marketing activities have contributed to building a recognizable style of products and manufacturers that we represent and present to customers in the best way. Investing in advertising and marketing has proven to be the best way to identify the needs of end users and to direct our business processes accordingly.

Our goal is to inform end consumers through a variety of marketing activities and provide them with modern products that meet their needs and desires.


Iris Mega is a company focused on the constant education of its partners and sub-distributors, presenting the latest technologies, products and solutions through educational trainings, seminars and presentations. By motivating and informing our partners about the latest products, we strive to create a network of people dedicated to the same goal - providing solutions and improving the living space of end consumers.

Over the past few years, Iris Mega has significantly expanded its product range and increased its presence in the retail sector as users upgraded their basic computer systems with modern equipment and devices designed for new applications and specific purposes such as gaming, multimedia or visual communication.

Iris Mega provides support and service for all distributed products during and after the warranty period.

Charity work

As a socially responsible company, Iris Mega is committed to humanitarian work. Iris Mega supports humanitarian actions, but also independently visits homes for neglected children, inns and other humanitarian institutions.

On several occasions, Iris Mega has been a sponsor of humanitarian sports events, a participant in voluntary blood donation, a sponsor of furnishing homes with Playstation 3 consoles, televisions and other equipment.

In this way, we try to provide entertainment for children who are denied it.